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Sangeetha Balachandar

CEO of Redwood Bloom – an entity that engages to serve Organizations, Individuals, and Young Adults.

My team consists of experienced, accredited coaches and HR professionals who are leaders in their fields and are passionate about providing solutions with empathy and curiosity.


Sangeetha Balachandar

CEO of Redwood Bloom – an entity that engages to serve Organizations, Individuals, and Young Adults.

My team consists of experienced, accredited coaches and HR professionals who are leaders in their fields and are passionate about providing solutions with empathy and curiosity.

Welcome to Redwood Bloom

Getting up close and personal with redwood trees is truly an enchanting experience. The redwoods’ incredible resilience against environmental changes, from fire to fungi and insects, is a testament to their enduring spirit. Anchored in our commitment to bettering the world, we stand tall with unwavering dedication to our mission. We wholeheartedly believe that every individual possesses the potential to grow and experience their own beautiful bloom.

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We help individuals succeed in life

Lot of times we are not able to recognize that the biggest impediment to our growth and success isn’t the manager who is a challenge, a parent who doesn’t believe in your dream, or a spouse who is constantly travelling or the absence of money, or the countless reasons that can go wrong, but the mindset we carry and the stories we tell ourselves when these problems present themselves. Let’s connect to discover these hidden saboteurs.

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This learning series is based on the philosophy of David Bohm, a theoretical physicist who believed that most of the challenges and problems affecting our society today are due to fragmentation of the interconnected, interdependent, and interrelated world. With principles of Bohmian dialogue, we can move from the ego to the Eco state.
Welcome to a new way of thinking and being! Bohmian Dialogue…

Meet The Trainers

Sangeetha Balachandar

With 28 years of diverse experience in corporate and various leadership roles, Sangeetha brings contextual knowledge of Leadership, People and business strategy across various markets and industries. Sangeetha has worked globally with leaders of diverse backgrounds in US, Europe, and South Asia and brings the Global context in her coaching relationships. She has experience of large-scale Organizations, building large teams, Transition of businesses into India and leadership development and training which involves bringing together disparate teams and leaders together to achieve ambitious targets.

Deepthy Raghavendra

She is a Professor with ITM Skills University. A PhD from BITS Pilani trained in Coaching & Facilitation. Co-creating through Theory U and Integral Learning initiatives under CILA (Centre for Integral Learning and Action). Avid Reader with a deep interest in Spirituality, Science, Bohmian Dialogue, Integral Education, Systems thinking and Vertical Literacy. She has worked with clients like PPGAsianpaints, Volkswagen finance, Tesa tapes etc as consultant for Assessment Development centres and in OD space. Her research focus is on the use of integrative tools for holding space and capacity building for vertical development. Currently she is also experimenting with curriculum design, content and curation.

Hear from Our Clients

Director IT - SW Company

I am 37 years old and work in an IT company as a Head of Engineering Support organization. Sangeetha has helped me relook at my ability as a leader to present myself and my work better resulting in better leadership visibility. My ability to think strategically improved dramatically, resulting in me being noticed by the senior leadership. She is an excellent coach and a wonderful human being.

Sr Manager L&D

I am associated with an IT Services organization as a Senior Manager - Learning and Development. I know Sangeetha since 2006 when she hired me in Honeywell Technologies and she then has been mentoring me on various aspects. Whenever I talk to Sangeetha, she always provides a different perspective on the situation, a different angle, which helps in handling the situation differently. Recently Sangeetha has coached me in career progression. She coached me to identify my areas of strength. It helped me to highlight them to the Senior Management.

Head HR – Lennox India

Have known Sangeetha as an exceptional Human Resources leader for many years. I have seen her up close how she developed her team and created a high performance culture in the organizations she was part of. More recently I have seen Sangeetha transform herself to be a leadership coach. Without sounding clichéd- she is an excellent transformation coach. My team recently benefited from her work. I wish her tribe increase


Being the Director of a family run firm comes with it's share of challenges. It becomes even more challenging when you have staff that are used to a certain way of working for years on end. In such a scenario change can be difficult. This is where Sangeetha came to the rescue. Her coaching on interacting with my higher up made a huge impact on the day to day running of the organization. Her simple yet effective methods have helped me to articulate my points while dealing with a person with set ideas and has eased things out both on the work front as well as on a personal level . It's a work in progress and I must admit that am enjoying the process and know that by the end of it I will be more proficient at handling situations and people better. Can't thank her enough for that.

Public Motivational Speaker

As forty three old educator, Sangeetha’s programme gave me new insights into myself. This in turn helped me to become a more empathetic teacher and helped me to improve my relationships.

Murali Krishna, EVP

Sangeetha is Passionate and spontaneous with a deep sense of ability to listen. Facilitates the process of introspection with insightful questions and gently furthers change.

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