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Accredited ACC, CPQC Coach

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Sangeetha sees herself as a cognitive advisor and has been an active seeker all through her work life – seeking ways to unlock the human potential. With her work as a Human Capital Leader for over quarter of a century across different industries in Europe, North America, Russia & South-East Asia, she has built her gift to “untangle” and bring the best of people she coaches and works with


Dr.Deepthy Raghavendra

Consultant at Redwood Bloom

She is a Professor with ITM Skills University. A PhD from BITS Pilani trained in Coaching & Facilitation. Co-creating through Theory U and Integral Learning initiatives under CILA (Centre for Integral Learning and Action). Avid Reader with a deep interest in Spirituality, Science, Bohmian Dialogue, Integral Education, Systems thinking and Vertical Literacy. She has worked with clients like PPGAsianpaints, Volkswagen finance, Tesa tapes etc as consultant for Assessment Development centres and in OD space. Her research focus is on the use of integrative tools for holding space and capacity building for vertical development. Currently she is also experimenting with curriculum design, content and curation.

Our best works are born from brilliant ideas and full of creativity

A Result Certified Coach, ( she is a believer that every human has infinite potential that is waiting to be unleashed. With the right combination of hours of practice and strong fundamentals she brings neuroscience founded concepts of Positive intelligence, to do just that – unlock and unleash the immense potential so that the joyful journey of the human being is enabled

Our Vision

We aim to revitalize individuals' life approaches, nurturing joy and happiness, while generating value and fostering positive change

Our Mission

Pioneering lasting change by driving profound transformation, touching lives and shaping the future

Our Values

Dignity: All of us are born equal, and thus deserve the dignity and respect for the individual. At Redwood, we treat each other and our clients with respect and dignity
Integrity: At our core resides integrity. There are no gray areas here
Confidentiality: Every client conversation is confidential. We go to great lengths to ensure the client conversations are maintained with utmost confidentiality

Useful skills and experience to support you

Manager HR

MindTree Consulting

Worked with IT services business as their HR partner. Developed HR Systems around competency bases assessments and PCMM

Sr Manager HR

SlashSupport / Transys India

Function head, learned to manage complexities of multiple functions, Senior leaders from multiple countries as well as run ops

Sr Director HR

Honeywell Technology India

Worked in Talent Acquisition, C&B, shared services. Led regional and global projects on harmonisation across countries and industries

Sr Director HR

Trimble Navigation India

Managed all facets of HR for the Product organization, responsible for revamp of the HR function and establishing ethical HR practices

HR leadership
Individual Coaching
Business Engagement
Compensation & Benefits

Blooming Testimonials From Our Clients

Positive Intelligence remains valuable in my life even after two years of the transformative experience. During pregnancy and post-delivery, it helped me manage stress and stay positive. In my career, it enhances my adaptability, resilience, and relationships with colleagues. The supportive community and my expert faculty Mrs. Sangeetha Balachandar was instrumental in my personal and professional growth, fostering a network of encouragement and support. It's a lasting asset I continue to apply throughout my life.

I am associated with an IT Services organization as a Senior Manager - Learning & Development. I know Sangeetha since 2006 when she hired me in Honeywell Technologies and she then has been mentoring me on various aspects. Whenever I talk to Sangeetha, she always provides a different perspective on the situation, a different angle, which helps in handling the situation differently.

Have known Sangeetha as an exceptional Human Resources leader for many years. I have seen her up close how she developed her team and created a high performance culture in the organizations she was part of. More recently I have seen Sangeetha transform herself to be a leadership coach. Without sounding clichéd- she is an excellent transformation coach.

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