Break Free from Self-Judgment: Boost Self-Confidence

Break Free from Self-Judgment: Boost Self-Confidence

Have you ever had an experience when you have a particular belief in the world and then you see the exact opposite of it happening? Your reality is true and so is other people’s reality.

As a child when I first came to know that when half the world is seeing the Sun, the other half is in darkness, I couldn’t wrap my head around it. To me it was daytime, and so It felt logical it was so for others.

Finally, I accepted that the alternative is possible, that what my eyes see is not the only fact!

What I am trying to convey is the positive or negative story of our head is not the only fact, and sometimes we have to seek alternative facts or in most cases, the exact opposite and take the leap of faith that there is a possibility there too!

Our brain can lie to us, as there are things beyond our comprehension. The same applies to self-judgment too interestingly. Especially when we are doing a really harsh self-appraisal that what we did was bad. That “I” am a failure, I “should” have done better, I “should stop trying”.

Go back and change the scenario, flip the language in your head eg: whatever happened was for your “best”.  Analyze the same without the emotion attached to the scenario, and it would generate freedom from that negative thought in your head.

Once the negative thought and self-judgment are gone, you realize you suddenly have a lot more energy that is now free and available. This generates a positive swing and boosts confidence

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