Ever wondered that your Introvert colleague might be the hidden GEM at work?

In one of the coaching sessions recently, my coachee confessed: He thinks being an Introvert is the biggest challenge towards becoming a manager! This set me thinking, as a lot of times I have experienced introverts in business meetings as an asset. It is not necessarily a problem, but more like a unique characteristic. Like everything in life, there are positive and negative aspects to being an introvert, and it really depends on how one learns to use the same.

I find them to be:

Deep Thinkers: They often ponder over things more deeply, which can lead to creative solutions and insights.

Good Listeners: They’re usually excellent listeners, making them great friends and confidants. People appreciate those who take the time to understand and empathize.

Independence: Introverts are often self-sufficient. They’re comfortable being alone and can be quite productive when working solo.

Loyalty: They tend to have fewer but deeper friendships. When they invest in a relationship, it’s often for the long haul.

Observant: Introverts often notice details that extroverts might miss. This can be a handy skill in various situations.

Present: Their silence is not equivalent to absence. They are very present, just that one has to learn to ask, to be given (with inputs, ideas, thoughts!)

What do you think? Have you experienced the above?








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