Perfection is not Slay!

While we are continually striving for perfection, we often do not realize that to achieve perfection many a time what we have to stop is the interference of other data points. In order to hone a skill,
we have to literally machine it. Visualize the word “machine it” as a verb here, where the output is
consistent every time.

Looking at the phrase “machine it” as a verb – The machine can produce perfect output, without
any thought, emotion, judgment, and joy, basically devoid of human traits. Machines are fast,
consistent, and accurate which makes them great for repetitive tasks. They do not get bored,
make mistakes, or have feelings, and they can work faster and more efficiently than humans. It is
not infected by the “Human Virus”
The need for perfection, of wanting to be the best, many times takes away the joy curiosity, and
enthusiasm and replaces it with obsession, focusing on the minutest of details; often makes me
say it loudly “The pain of perfection”.
As a person chasing perfection (an illusionary object) I also have to drop the JOY as it is
replaced by the question “Are we there yet” in my mind. The pursuit of “machine it” led me to lose
curiosity, as it added unnecessary complexity to my ability to be perfect, and promoted
unnecessary detours that hampered my claim.
Having chased wanting to be perfect, I now feel that what needs to be chased is the joy of
discovery, of the inter-relatedness of one to the other, how one system talks to the other and not
carry the burden of “Are we there yet”. Rather than the final destination with Google Mamie, the
joy of the long drive lies in the sight and signs, the detours, the birds, the smoothness of the
road, the valley, the springs, the lone eagle, and the clouds. All these elements that make the
journey, the experiences that shape us, the beauty of the journey, the lessons, the imperfections,
the discoveries, the connections. This is what needs to be chased and cherished.
What it also brought was the fear of criticism, as it broke my fragile “Perfect” image. I was worried
about the feedback that would come in and now suddenly I will look “less than perfect”.
When you understand inter-relatedness, you realize that you cannot be perfect as that is very
momentary and that there is joy in growing and growing is fraught with people looking at
So here is my imperfect article!
How have you progressed in your quest for perfection? Have you experienced it as I have?

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