Use Silence to go Faster

As a young HR professional, I had often found myself on the “BUSY” train – racing from one meeting to another, cramming my agenda, and often skipping lunch. 🏃‍♂️💼 Did it give me a high or a low? Honestly, a bit of both! 🎢

But lately, I’ve been taking a step back to reflect on it all. 🤔 If we introduce a little silence and reflection into our hectic lives (yes, I know, who has time for that, right?), amazing things can happen!

Here’s why:
1️⃣ It boosts effectiveness: Amidst the chaos, there’s little room for creativity. Silence and reflection create space for innovative solutions.
2️⃣ It supercharges productivity: Squeezing quiet time into your schedule helps you focus on tasks and be more productive. Multitasking in endless meetings? Not so much.
3️⃣ It fosters flexibility: Different perspectives emerge when you take a breath. You start seeing the bigger picture from various angles.
4️⃣ It enhances anticipation: Slowing down allows you to prepare for what’s ahead without feeling stuck or searching for proof to back your ideas.
5️⃣ It teaches you to listen: When you manage silence, you truly listen – not just to others but also to your own thoughts.

So, if you’re curious about how embracing a little mindfulness can work wonders in your professional life, I’d love to chat! 🗣️ Let’s connect for a dialogue. Shoot me a message or hit that “Connect”
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